So, I Wrapped My tesla Model Y Pink...

In August 2021, I sat out to buy my first luxury car! My very first car happened to be a 2014 chevy volt that was very humble and also came to be known as my "beater." That being said I was very familiar with hybrid card/ electric cars and ultimately decided to pursue a tesla due to its progressive style and innovations it fits my lifestyle perfectly.

After much debate I ended up on the Model Y, I have outgrown my sedan days so I knew it would be between the Y and the X, ultimately I was not ready to spend the additional 40k for the X nor did I have the patience to wait for the new update yolk style to become available. 
So I quickly put in my order to tesla and began my 6-8 week wait for my tesla to be made and shipped.

In the meantime I did as much research I could about charging, wrapping, rims, and addons I could do to personalize my new baby! Below I have curated my personal list of everything I bought for my car prior to arrival.

Tesla referral code:

Tesla charger:

Tesla Bling:

Tesla coasters:

Tesla screen cover:

Tesla fob:

Once all of these products were acquired I then did research on who did auto upholstery in my are who could embroider my seats with my Initials in pink, you can find anyone in your are who embroiders or does auto upholstery and they should be able to do it for you between $300-700usd! 

After the seats were accounted for I had to find a manufacture that could make a mono forged custom heart rim, at the end of the day I wasn't about to spend 7k on rims that are2-3 pieces, I wanted it to be super simple when it came to powder coating and installation. 
That being said I opted for a manufacturer who made my wheels custom with my matching seat initials in the mid-cap for 2.5K.

I then opted for them to be powder coated to get the best match to my wrap color, which after much research and in-person swatch comparison, the best matching color was from Prismatic colors, In the color PRETTY PINK!

Now, 6 weeks rolled around and my tesla was finally out for delivery! Once it was delivered I started my search for the best wrap company between Los Angeles and San Diego and found DIRECT EFFECTS WRAPS was my place!
I booked my consultation, we went over cost, time, process, and color, INOZOTEK CHERRY BLOSSOM, and obviously, I was sold, I booked for the following week!

After 3 days of wrapping the car was finished to completion and PERSEPHONE THE TESSIE was born!

You can watch the full video version below, let me know in the comments if I inspired you to do something cool, fun, and fresh to your whip!