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Alexus' Fashion Evolution

I would like to think I didn't ever struggle in the fashion department, especially growing up. But let's be real... I definitely lacked fashion sense. On top of not having the best style, brands were not inclusive back in the day like they are now. The only fashion inspiration available was women wearing god-forsaken oversized paisley print cardigans... I still have nightmares about it!

Due to this dilemma, I went far out of my way to fit into typical-sized junior clothing because I have to admit, it was cute and trendy. Everything I wanted to be growing up! So my mom took me to Kohls and Charlotte Rouse to source clothes that were close enough to fit my body type. Either way, we had to make it work for the upcoming school season. I am now going to share a traumatizing photo of me, and yes, it's okay to laugh. But I want you to see my very humble beginnings.

Fast forward a few years, and I am now a 17-year-old teen. I just discovered my role on Instagram. At the time, my mom and I were both working, while I was preparing to move to LA for college. It was also my chance to pursue my modeling career aside from posting pictures online. However, I needed sexier mature clothes that screamed I am an "Insta Baddie." I know... all very cringe and traumatizing. I simply thought it was what I needed to solidify my growth on Social Media in order to grow my following and score potential clients! Keep in mind that during this point in my life I had been a complete gym rat for the past two years. If I wasn't wearing leggings, I was most likely wearing something sexy to post in. I wasn't making nearly enough money to buy really nice new clothes, so I resorted to my mom's closet and TJ Maxx. Putting together looks that would work for my pictures.

Was I happy in these outfits? At the time, Yes. They were bringing me social validation but it wasn't fueling my inner validation or actively inspiring my creative side. I just felt sexy and seen.

Shortly after I moved to LA, I started brands' interest and landing bigger brand deals. I was being sent boxes upon boxes of clothes at no charge. It was life-changing. I went from not having anything in my closet to wear and not having a personal style, to having endless options and the freedom to dress as I pleased. This was the first time I had this kind of freedom and choices since i was little when my mom was still purchasing all my stuff. I got sent different styles and patterns, which is what further fueled my passion for designing clothes. However, I was still struggling to find clothing that fit me as I was sitting between Xl/1X sizing.

I am now 5 years into my career as a model, and finally getting my bearing when it comes to accurate sizing and measurements. As well as what particular styles, patterns, and fabrics make me feel the most at peace in my outfits. At my core, I will always be a sultry girl. I love dressing sexy and feeling confident in my skin. I'm older and I'm finding more ways to combine my comfort and growth with sex appeal! I'm still learning about designers that inspire and cultivate the natural feminine mystique in me through their pieces. Slowly but surely, Sexily Subtle is becoming my lane and I've never been happier.

Above all else, It's confidence and happiness in whatever you're wearing that's going to give your style the je ne sais quoi. It's not social media and it's most definitely not your parents. It's your very own revelation of who you are and what makes you feel like YOURSELF! It's a beautiful moment for every woman coming into herself, and evolving.

XOXO, Alexus

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