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The Sexual Awakening

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Ft. Lora Di Carlo
What does self-exploration mean to you? How do you express yourself sexually and how have you created strong self-love fundamentals?


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Slut-Shaming. It’s real, it’s systemic and it’s a construct created to control women and keep them disempowered and uneducated. The idea that women who like sex are “sluts” and therefore less desirable is a patriarchal notion that we are rejecting! Okay, sis? Okay! ;)


There is a huge lack of inclusive and accessible education when it comes to women’s sexual health. Especially in conservative parts of the country, not unlike where I grew up. I have always felt the desire to learn about my body, to become intimately familiar with what calms and excites it. So imagine my frustration when I looked out into the world and found little to no information. A healthy relationship with yourself and your body begins with your willingness to learn.


If we, as women, experience a lack of education on our sexual health, how can we expect our partners to have all the answers?

When you’ve been in the dating and hookup scene in LA you know just how tricky it can be to find a partner to satisfy your needs. Sexual satisfaction should start with you and be complemented by a partner. So don’t be afraid and definitely don’t be ashamed to take responsibility for your own pleasure and personal gratification. Figuring it out on my own has been one of the most fulfilling acts in my empowerment journey. Take back your power, own your pleasure, and allow yourself the opportunity to dismantle the patriarchy by gaining a whole new perspective on sexual wellbeing.


Now that you’re empowered, let’s get assertive. Another way the stigma on women’s sexual health impacts us is by keeping us silent. No more sis, it’s time to create a safe and open conversation with yourself and future partners.


When I discovered toys, (specifically the BACI) I gave myself the power over my sexual health and my pleasure. It was truly a game-changer. After all, whom better to take care of you than you? I’ve partnered with Lora Di Carlo to bring you guys everything you need to know about my favorite toys and pleasure products!


I have a full step-by-step routine on how I do self-care featuring my favorite sex toy, the Baci (it’s real steamy y'all), check it out HERE and use my code "Alexus" at checkout to get $30 OFF your own BACI and 20% off everything else on the site!

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