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Tulum Mexico Do's & Dont's

I have officially been to Tulum Mexico two times now, so I decided to create a short and simple do's and don'ts list for anyone that is interested in visiting!

Tulum has been a hotspot for all influencers and models for the past 4 years. There are a lot of touristy activities, beach clubs, and photo opportunities. This blog post is not about those things specifically, but I do find them to be enjoyable. I love traveling to Tulum for reasons that differ from others, so let's jump into the list!

DO #1: Do your research beforehand. Know that you will have to fly into the Cancun airport and from there travel an additional 1.5 hours to 2 hours to get to Tulum.

DO #2: Decide how you're going to be traveling to Tulum whether that's by group bus, personal taxi, or hotel shuttle pickup (if offered.)

DO #3: Pick out where you're going to be staying in every single destination that you plan on visiting and how you're going to get there.

DO #4: If you're booking through Airbnb, ask your host about recommendations and everything that is close to the location. The renters know best and will make sure you enjoy your stay. They are a good contact for you to check if you are taking advantage of all the available excursions in the area.

DO #5: Keep all of your identification with you at all times, but not in the same location.

DO #6: Do go to any and all cenotes if you can. I specifically recommend the ones in Yucatan, it was undeniably one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone should get to experience those waters once in their life!

DO #7: If you want to have an authentic experience in Tulum, Mexico, in all of its glory, please stay local, shop local, and eat local. They have some of the best food and excursions you can possibly imagine at amazing prices.

DON'T #1: Assume that just because you got there that's all you need to do. Take into consideration all the things you want to see and eat. That way you can make the time prior to your trip to factor in taxi expenses, shuttle expenses, and even walking distances.

DON'T #2: Never let the taxi drivers close to the beach in Tulum see that you are in a dire situation to get home or back to your hotel. They will charge you an exuberant amount of money to get to said place. *PRO TIP* speaking Spanish will absolutely change your life when you go to Tulum because it will help you communicate to negotiate or get anywhere if lost.

DON'T #3: Expect what you see on IG. They are currently doing a lot of revamping and construction to build even more Instagram-worthy locations. Tulum is still in the jungle, so you'll visit areas that don't have paved streets and instead have loose dirt, garbage, or stray dogs.

DON'T #4: Do not leave your personal belongings in an Airbnb safe.

DON'T #5: Travel to Tulum beaches thinking that anything is going to be normally priced. EVERYTHING is extremely overpriced and you will never get full if your ballin on a budget! LOL.

DO: #8 Enjoy every single second you spend in Tulum/Cancun! It is such a magical and enjoyable place and you will have the time of your life however you choose to spend it!

For more information about my Tulum trip, including where I stayed and what I enjoyed doing, you guys can check out these two videos down below! Enjoy!

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